I have been Djing for over 10 years. In that time I have learnt the trade and know the music that suits each occasion. I have a vast catalogue of music from the very old, to the very new. My live equipment is second to none.

Quality Sound System


My sound equipment is at a very high standard.

I have speakers which are extremely punching and more than adequate to fill any venue as well as subs that shake the floor to complete a fantastic sound that will excite any audience.

I only use the best brands for all my equipment and my set up is neat, tidy and professional to provide a classy form of entertainment.

L.E.D Lights and Lasers


As well as great sound it is very important to compliment this with a professional visual display. I bring to an event a range of L.E.D. moonflower and phased lights as well as styles of lasers which cover a vast area and ensure that the audience are immensed in the entertainment. The quality of my lighting ensure that everyone enjoys the evening.

Quality Software


I use the latest version of the best DJ-ing Software on the market. I have thousands, and thousands, and thousands of tracks, ranging from chilled out background music, to tracks you would hear in a clubbing scene. Along side the high quality computer hardware I use, this provides a fantasic sound to ensure the event goes with a bang!!

Professional DJ

Stunning Setup


I take time to make the DJ setup as attractive as possible. Integrating it into the environment, whilst still making an impact at any venue.